New Album - "Time.Era.Period"

BD3 & Justin Swiney

Featuring Marcus Machado, FKAjazz, Hajime Teshima, Leslie Lemon, Noah MacNeil, Okai Musik, Sharina Marisela Doyle, Edson Sean, Arin Maya Lawrence, Matthew Hartnett, Charles Harper, Elijah Herring, Johann Villanueva, Tony Bunch, Pashun Shareef, Benjamin Poston, Walky Wah, Saviour Sage, & Michelle Swiney

Release Date: Friday, September 07, 2018



My mantra is simple, life is comprised and ruled by the divine 3; what you know, what you think you know, and the truth.
— BD3

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Soul For A Grammy

We are pleased to announce that...

SOUL IN MY CUP is under consideration for the 2018 GRAMMYS. We humbly ask all members of the Recording Academy to please vote SOUL IN MY CUP for the following categories:

“Song of the Year”

“Best Rap/Sung Performance”

“Best Rap Performance”

“Best Rap Song”